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Truth of Life Books by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi

Truth of Life, Vol.1: Book of Truth (2nd Ed)
by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi

The first of 40 volumes of the Truth of Life series explains the basic principles of Seicho-No-Ie.  Awaken to the Truth and realize the true meaning of life.  SECOND EDITION



Truth of Life, Vol. 5: Book of the Holy Spirit, Part 1
by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi

Discover the Truth and understand that man, as a child of God, is perfect and harmonious.  Realize that a child of God has infinite potential and infinite power.



Truth of Life, Vol. 7:  Book of Daily Life
by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi

Learn and practice the Seicho-no-Ie philosophy through simple actions, such as positive thinking, spreading kindness, and being joyful.  As you begin practicing the Truth, you will begin to understand Truth in its entirety.



Truth of Life, Vol. 8: Book of Meditative Practices
by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi

Become enlightened to the Truth as you practice Shinsokan, a meditation to visualize and contemplate on God, and at the same time, to delve deeply into the perfect True Image of man.



Truth of Life, Vol. 37: Book of Happiness, Part 1
by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi

Realize that you are already living in a world of happiness which is filled with God's wonderful blessings.  Be reborn every day as you read the inspirational messages in this book.







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